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Goodreader is one the most recent additions to my iPad homescreen.  While has has been called the ‘swiss army knife’ of PDF readers, I use it for a very specific purpose.  I use it to sync a folder on Dropbox called ‘Goodreader’.  I store any PDF’s in it that I want to read on my iPad.  Sounds simple, right? Before having Goodreader, I would have to drag it into iTunes to sync it to the iBooks application and then it became a mess when I tried to delete it.  With Goodreader, I drag it to the Dropbox folder and when I open Goodreader, I simply hit ‘sync’ and it downloads the files directly to my device (meaning that I can use them offline).  When I am finished with a PDF, I can delete it from Goodreader and it deletes it from the device.  Goodreader works with a number of cloud storage services such as Sugarsync, iDisk, Google Docs, and Box.net  Along with PDF files, it can open HTML, audio, video, and office documents. If you need a device that does markup and annotation of PDF’s along with being dead simple to use, then look no further than Goodreader.  It’s $4.99 for the iPad version.

GoodReader for iPhone - Good.iWare Ltd.


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