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PDFpen for iPad

Tweet Smile Software makes incredible software for the Mac and iOS.  TextExpander is one of my most used Applications on the Mac.  I also get a lot of use out of PDFpen for the Mac.  I was happy to wake up and see that Smile just released PDFpen for the iPad with iCloud and Dropbox [...]

Adobe brings e-signature to the iPad

Tweet Adobe has brought their EchoSign product for legally binding electronic signatures to the iPad and iPhone.  Users will have to sign in to their EchoSign account (pricing options) to use the service.  Adobe claims that 3 million businesses are currently using the service (including Google, Facebook, and HP). Download from the app store by [...]

Benefits/Features of iOS 5 Update


Tweet Bradley and Jon discuss the benefits of upgrading your iPhone/iPad to iOS 5, and some of the more notable features. Show Notes: Shawn Blanc – Using Siri to Add Reminders to a Shared List



Tweet If you run a small business, consider yourself a professional or entrepreneur chances are you’re on LinkedIn. Its been called the social media network for grown ups, and as such it’s important to maintain an active presence there.When the LinkedIn app first came out I wasn’t a big fan. It was more or less [...]



If you run a small business, consider yourself a professional or entrepreneur chances are you’re on LinkedIn. Its been called the social media network for grown ups, and as such it’s important to maintain an active presence there.When the LinkedIn app first came out I wasn’t a big fan. It was more or less a rolodex. However, with the release of Version 4.0 we’re looking at a much more useful app. Right from the moment the app is fired up, you can tell from the UI (user interface) that LinkedIn put some thought into this.A navigation bar remains at the top with a share and search button that can be accessed throughout most of the app. The main screen is broken down into four sections: Updates, You, Inbox and Group & More.

The Updates section includes not only updates from people you’re connected with, but also includes the “LinkedIn Today” feature which, if you’ve configured it, acts as a news reader for topics of interest.  From the app itself you can read stories, share it with connections, email it  and post to Twitter. Functionality within the app also lets you add and remove topics as well as providing recommended topics. Besides being able to update your own status, the Updates section lets you view status, connection and profile updates from people you’re connected with.

The You section provides your profile details, recent activity, connections, summary, specialties – basically your entire profile. Hotlinks of people who gave you recommendations take you their profile. Unfortunately, you can’t edit your profile within the app, but I imagine that may come in a future update.

The Inbox section shows pending invitations of people who want to connect with you, and a list of people you may know. Remove or make the connection with one tap. Messages received can be read, archived, trashed, forwarded or replied to. Tap on any link and you’re taken to that page within the app or you can have it open in Safari. Archiving a message removes it from the Inbox and as far as I can tell makes it un-retrievable from within the app. It would be nice if messages could be flagged or starred for easier lookup.

Group & More features people you may know which was also listed in the Inbox section as well as Groups. Groups are alphabetically listed and show how many new discussions there are since last login. Tap on a discussion to bring up the original post any links associated with it, and all the comments. You can “like” the discussion or add your own comments. A feature I would like to see is the ability to edit the order in which they appear so I don’t have to scroll through 45 groups to get to my Zoology one.  :-)

What I also like about the app is that there are hotlinks for contact information. Click on a contact’s email address and the native email app launches with that person’s email address pre-populated. Click on a telephone number for one touch calling.

Overall, a big improvement by LinkedIn. You have to already have set up a LinkedIn account to log in. Available for free in the App Store.

LinkedIn - LinkedIn Corporation



Simplenote is one my favorite iOS apps.  At its premise, it’s a note taking (in plain text) app that syncs to Simplenote’s server.  From there, you can sync it to a wide range of other apps to be able to access them.

As you can see, its a very simple interface.  It’s laser focused on being the best (and fastest) way to input and sync plain text files to all of your devices.  Simplenote has created a great database of other apps that allow you to edit your text files from your desktop (PC and Mac) and android devices.  You can see that list here (http://simplenoteapp.com/downloads/)/  Simplenote also offers a web interface (https://simple-note.appspot.com/)  to allow you to edit your notes from the web.

Simplenote, while unbelievably simple, offers some more advanced features such as tagging and sharing of notes.  Sharing is probably my favorite feature, though.  My wife and I have a  shared note titled ‘Grocery list’.  During the week, we both will add grocery items we think of and regardless of who goes to the store, the list is always available.

Simplenote is free in the App store (http://simplenoteapp.com/downloads/itunes.html) and it’s a universal app (native on iPhone and iPad).  It has ads, but it can be unlocked for a one time purchase of $4.99.  They also offer a subscription option of $19.99/year that offers creating notes via email, RSS support, and premium technical support.

Simplenote - Codality




Goodreader is one the most recent additions to my iPad homescreen.  While has has been called the ‘swiss army knife’ of PDF readers, I use it for a very specific purpose.  I use it to sync a folder on Dropbox called ‘Goodreader’.  I store any PDF’s in it that I want to read on my iPad.  Sounds simple, right? Before having Goodreader, I would have to drag it into iTunes to sync it to the iBooks application and then it became a mess when I tried to delete it.  With Goodreader, I drag it to the Dropbox folder and when I open Goodreader, I simply hit ‘sync’ and it downloads the files directly to my device (meaning that I can use them offline).  When I am finished with a PDF, I can delete it from Goodreader and it deletes it from the device.  Goodreader works with a number of cloud storage services such as Sugarsync, iDisk, Google Docs, and Box.net  Along with PDF files, it can open HTML, audio, video, and office documents. If you need a device that does markup and annotation of PDF’s along with being dead simple to use, then look no further than Goodreader.  It’s $4.99 for the iPad version.

GoodReader for iPhone - Good.iWare Ltd.


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